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What are browser cookies? In short, it's a mechanism for storin small pieces of information in your browser, which for example allows you to log in on this website, add products to cart or simply to remember your language setting, etc. You can read more about cookies here.

Session and configuration cookies

These are cookies that are required for the web site to work as expected.

  • session - main cookie, which maintains the session and is deleted when you log out or when your session expires. Default session expiration is 2 hours
  • cc - a cookie that saves the below settings for 3 years, but only if you set them
  • language - saves your language choice, if you change it from the default
  • currency - saves your currency choice, if you change it from the default

Google ReCaptcha

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Google Analytics

A cookie for the visitor analytics service. Without this we lose a significant part of the visitor statistic. The cookie, named '_ga', expires in 2 years.


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